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A Connected Company

For 25 years, DataPath has been crafting the satellite equipment necessary to allow the United States military and other government entities worldwide to communicate and stay connected in obscure and remote locations. Over time, ancillary products and services offered by DataPath would grow into robust businesses in their own right serving a diversity of industries.
Our solution for the company’s refreshed web presence aimed to tell a connected story that elucidated the extent of its capabilities and offerings with a clear focus on capturing leads. A clean UI would address why customers came to the site, and a cohesive system of bespoke content blocks would ensure uniformity in messaging and form across all parts of the site.
Diagnostic interviews with all the major stakeholders in the company’s departments revealed their website didn’t speak to many of the capabilities their marketers were selling in the field and wasn’t sufficiently a lead-generating tool. In collaboration with a digital marketing agency that we sourced, we established a content strategy and user interface focused on resolving these issues specifically. Special attention was given to the UI on desktop computers as over 80% of traffic came from large screen devices.

Built for Action

From any place on the site a visitor has what they need to reach out to exact sales representative for the product or service they are viewing.

Built for the user

Customers and procurement agents could quickly access docs or specs for a particular product of interest, from anywhere on the site.

fresh look and feel

Our clients are our partners in the design. We helped the company find a visual identity that boldly spoke to their strategic positioning in the marketplace. We also aimed to create a website where their customers could see a reflection of their ideal selves. The design mixed visual elements that conveyed a sense of corporate credibility with elements reminiscent of dramatized representations of their clients in film and pop culture.

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