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Discovery Mountain

Subscription Service

For the first time, Voice of Prophecy (VOP), a nearly century-old religious broadcasting organization, wanted to create a sustained radio program and podcast for kids. The Discovery Mountain audio show would be a hit with their target audience, with over 5K visitors making their way to a website we built for VOP every month and thousands of more faithfully listening on radio and on major podcasting platforms.
In a few years, the effort matured to a point where VOP was ready to offer premium content via a subscription service. We helped them arrive at a new website that was both fun and functional, taking by necessity the fastest route we could. The result would be a new membership site called the Discovery Mountain Club.
Image of colorful content cardsImage of colorful content cards

Colorful Curation

Having established with the client a shared vision for what the new project would be, we reviewed the feedback we had from over four years of use of the initial site we built for the Discovery Mountain brand.
This gave us a few key objectives to drive our design decisions for the Club website. Above all, we made it our priority to build a site that the client could keep fresh, and that was capable of exposing subscribers to a diverse library of content that would grow over time. The design must also be flexible enough to accommodate new features over time.

Our solution would harness WordPress’s native tagging system to easily curate “playlists” of content based on the client’s desired criteria. The client could contextualize this output using color-coded content cards with colors and icons assigned by content type.

Keep It Simple

We centered the design around a space-efficient, no-brainer “press play” content unit that contained only the most essential information about an episode so that the user could browse all the content curated on each page faster.
Image of media thumbnailsImage of media thumbnails
Image of media thumbnailsImage of media thumbnails
Image of media thumbnailsImage of media thumbnails
We put effort into creating a vibrant and unique visual design for the project, to make the Club a fun place to escape to on both mobile and desktop screens.